"Thanks for the awesome day rafting today. I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait for our next trip with you! THANKS SO MUCH!"   - Brian Rossiter


"I've been on three separate rafting trips with river guide Adam Ball and each one of them left me wanting more. I was a little apprehensive at first because I had a substantial fear of water, but not once during any of the three trips did anyone fall out of the raft and I never felt like I was in any sort of danger. Adam did a great job guiding the rafters and after about ten minutes on the rive...r, all my fears about rafting had diminished. He also had all the equipment we needed so I basically had to bring my lunch, and myself so it was really a "no hassle" trip. I would recommend Adam to anyone, at any skill level, who is looking to have a very exciting trip down the river. Also, please ask Adam about the 'paddle five!!!'"  - Mike Spangenberg


"Last September I was very fortunate to be included in a rafting trip down the North Santiam River.  Adam Ball was our guide and it was an experience of a lifetime for me, having never gone on a rafting trip before. I was quite impressed with how thorough Adam was with our group of ladies, (some who are in the 50+ age bracket) especially with a couple of us who had never done this before. Once we reached our “put-in” point, before the raft was even in the water he spent time with all of us going over safety rules and how we were to maneuver down the river. He answered our questions in an intelligent and thorough manner, and he made sure we were all comfortable with what his expectations were. We all had life jackets of course and were required to wear them at all times but it was interesting to me how one side of the raft had one color and the other side had another color. This made it very easy for us as passengers to know when he needed us to do something as all he had to do was call out a color and a direction. He did a fantastic job of making sure we were all participants in the trip. We all rowed when he told us to and we all got equally drenched depending on how we entered the rapids and which side of the raft had been rowing. He made sure that we experienced all the fun and thrill of a rafting
trip. It was a fantastic day and is a great memory.

I would recommend Adam as a guide on any rafting trip. He is extremely knowledgeable of the river and how to maneuver the rapids. Having known Adam for a long time I wasn’t nervous about going on the trip. But after going rafting with him and seeing how professionally he handled everything, I would definitely recommend using Adam for a rafting trip guide. I believe that he is a guide that will be very familiar with any river he chooses to raft before he will attempt to take a group in his raft and that he will always be very professional, thorough and courteous. In addition I believe he will put in the effort to be sure everyone has a wonderful fun experience as well.

We enjoyed a wonderful day on the river, seeing extraordinary scenery and just having a blast! What can be better than spending a day with great friends and a having an awesome guide to provide the knowledge to ensure a wonderful experience? Thank you Adam!"  -  Ginger Hainz